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Miss Teen Africa Anca Smith To Host The GirlTalk Forum In Namibia

In the vibrant and culturally diverse country of Namibia, a remarkable event is set to take place that promises to inspire and empower young women across Africa. Miss Teen Africa, the charismatic and trailblazing Anca Smith, will be hosting The GirlTalk Forum in Namibia. With her infectious energy and unwavering passion for female empowerment, Miss Smith aims to create a...


10 Ways to Effectively Gain a Sponsorship

Finding sponsors for a pageant can be very difficult and it constantly seems like you’re being told no. We completely understand how frustrating it can be so here are 10 ways to find pageant sponsors.  And remember, the best way to get anyone to sponsor you is to do something for them in return. Don’t forget to thank all your...


The MTAF Poetry collective is back!

The Miss Teen Africa Foundation is delighted to announce the re-launch of the Poetry collective for young emerging poets, writers, and spoken word artists in Africa and beyond!This bi-monthly online competition was developed by the Miss Teen Africa Foundation team with the aim to encourage more young women to polish their creative talent, stimulate their imagination and use the power...


Miss Teen Africa Foundation launches Poetry Collective

Calling all new emerging spoken word poets to get involved. The Miss Teen Africa foundation Poetry Collective program is here. The brand new initiative is developed with the aim to encourage the reading and writing of poetry amongst young women of African heritage have been receiving. “We are excited about this new initiative,” said MTA Director Yomi Adegoke. “The idea was originally...


What You Need to Know to Host a GirlTalk Event

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