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Empowering girls worldwide

Who We Are

Miss Teen Africa Foundation is the charity arm of the award-winning Miss Teen Africa® cultural pageant with the core aim to support and empower young women to develop as individuals and help them to contribute positively to their communities.

We achieve our aims by providing young women with access to empowerment programs and activities that support them to realise their own projects and ideas.

Empowering girls Worldwide

Miss Teen Africa Foundation is a Not for profit charitable group

Girls have limitless potential and that’s why we are committed to making a difference to the lives of young women and girls across the world by running various empowerment programs and supporting causes that will benefit their development.


Miss Teen Africa titleholders will be ambassadors and representatives for Miss Teen Africa Foundation, taking part in important and empowering activities such as giving speeches, holding tours and advocacy activities to raise awareness, support and interest in the social and ethnic cohesion in indigenes of African Origin in the UK and Europe. The Queen will also aim to improve and encourage cultural awareness and unity, promoting self-esteem, self-empowerment and continued education and growth of our African community.

If you would like to support our work or donate toward any of these causes, please click on the donate button or visit our causes page.

We are Helping Hands

Building a community of young empowered woman

Our Vision

To build a community of young empowered Women capable of making a positive contribution to their communities.

Our Mission

MTA Foundation’s mission is to engage and create more opportunities for young women and girls whilst raising awareness about issues affecting underprivileged girls in marginalised communities.

Our History

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MTA Foundation was initially started in 2016 to provide more opportunities and strengthen the voice and representation of young African girls in our community.

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Why Choose Us?

We believe access to quality education is a human right and we believe when girls are empowered, it benefits all of us. We also recognise the importance of gender equality in education. This is why we are determined to help more disadvantaged girls that are deprived of learning gain access to formal education.

Miss Teen Africa Foundation utilise and equip girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice.

We work with various organisation to support Women to improve their health and provide food.

Studies have shown 14% of girls’ deaths aged 15-19 are attributed to violence. Our work will aim to raise awareness and support Charities that provide safe housing, medicals and psychological counselling to abused girls.

Meet Our Volunteers

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We are always seeking a positive, inspiring and motivated individual to teach, mentor and coach our youth. Contact us today: the perfect role is waiting for you!