Poetry Collective

The POETRY COLLECTIVE is a brand new initiative from the Miss Teen Africa foundation for young emerging spoken word poets and performers across Africa and beyond. The initiative was developed with the aim to encourage more young women to polish their talent, stimulate their imagination and use the power of the spoken word to impact positive changes in their communities. Every year Poetry Collective will be publishing a selected collection of poems and prospective poets can get involved by entering our bi-monthly online competition.

The Competition

Our competition can be entered every bimonthly with a different theme based on a public vote or selected topics by Poetry collective team. This competition will be opened to the new emerging female poet aged 14 -19 of African heritage around the world. If you have significant potential, interest in writing, or a relevant message and skilful execution, we would love to hear from you.

To enter, you must submit your manuscript as well as a link to your recorded audio/video version of your poem (This can be a youtube link). Poems can be spoken aloud or accompanied by sound/music. The chosen winners will have their poetry published and displayed among a group of budding poets from across Africa at the Miss Teen Africa Grand Finale, in addition to cash prizes, *Book Vouchers, and certificates.

Our Judges this year are Yomi Adegoke (Director, MTA), Tom Maloni (poet Portal) and Abigail Nelson (poet and podcaster).