Anca Smith has been appointed as Miss Teen Africa Foundation ambassador following her victory in the Miss Teen Africa 2023 pageant in Cameroon. The Miss Teen Africa Foundation is the charity arm of Miss Teen Africa that seeks to support young girls as leaders and help them achieve their full potential.

One of the Foundation’s main objectives is to organise the GirlTalk Forum, a special program designed to empower young girls and give them a safe space to discuss issues affecting them in the community. The GirlTalk Forum will provide a space for young girls to share their experiences, learn from each other, and form connections with other young girls from around the continent.

As the newest Miss Teen Africa Foundation ambassador, Anca Smith will serve as the host of the next GirlTalk Forum, which will take place in Namibia.

We are excited to have Anca Smith on board and we know that she will be a great ambassador for the Miss Teen Africa Foundation. She is an intelligent and talented young woman who is passionate about making a difference in the world. We can’t wait to see all that she will achieve as Miss Teen Africa Foundation ambassador!