Miss Teen Africa Foundation announces Sickle Cell & Young Stroke Survivor (SCYSS) as Charity of the year. The organisation who are a registered charity in UK holistically supports children, young people and their families affected by sickle cell anaemia and childhood stroke.

Sickle cell disease affects millions of Black and Mediterranean people and very common in people of African and Caribbean here in Britain’ said the Director of Miss Teen Africa, but only a small number knows about it and it is important we educate future generations and break the Sickle cycle.

The charity who started as a support group in June 2005 by Caroline Nwosu who had to manoeuvre the lonely Stroke maze when her 6-year-old had a stroke as a result of Sickle Cell Anaemia registered as a charity in September 2007 as the need grew.

Mrs Nwosu explained, ‘Many people do not know that Sickle Cell can cause a stroke in children as young as 2 and up to the age of 16 years old.

The statistics are alarming, yet ignorance is still bliss’. As Miss Teen Africa UK Charity of the year, Miss Teen Africa will raise much-needed awareness through extensive media coverage and coordinate fundraising event for the charity.  The Miss Teen Africa 2015 titleholder will also act as an ambassador and representatives for the charity taking part in important and awareness activities such as giving speeches, holding tours and advocacy activities to educate the masses especially people of African and Caribbean communities that are most affected by these diseases.

For more info about SCYSS please visit www.scyss.org