Miss Teen Africa FC

Miss Teen Africa Foundation Football Team

Miss Teen Africa Foundation are launching a new female football team with the aim to engage more Girls into the sport.

Football is a team event and we feel that there are a lot of girls in our community who enjoy and love football, but just don’t have anyone to play or train with. Miss Teen Africa foundation are committed to providing these and help increasing the number of girls and young women to enjoy and participate in the beautiful game whilst raising awareness. We will be holding a trial and training sessions soon in summer 2018.


  • To promote health and fitness
  • Introduce basic football skills.
  • Encourage girls of different age groups to get into the game.
  • Build confidence.
  • Also there is opportunities to be played in local professional programme.

If you are interested (previous experience is not necessary) and would like to try it out and make new friends, please complete the form to book your place  (Please note parental consent is a must if you are under 16).

U16? Play the FA Peoples Cup click the link below

The FA People’s Cup is the nation’s largest and most inclusive five-a-side football competition. It’s everyone’s game and we look forward to welcoming you.


    Are you available to play the FA Peoples's Cup?

    Do You have footballing experience?

    Please note a consent form will be signed by parent or Guardian if accepted.